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Providing advisory service to the Municipality of La Trinidad for the development of an alternative road along Balili River

The traffic congestion along the Baguio-La Trinidad- Bontoc Road, one of the major highways that connect Baguio City to other provinces in the Cordillera, has been a perennial concern to the Municipality of La Trinidad. The needs-assessment (Project 1) that was started through interviews from local commuters and traffic enforcers reveals that while traffic management and enforcement are instituted to respond to these traffic concerns, the effectiveness of these strategies can no longer cope up with the growth of movement and travel needs of people and activities, brought about by urbanization. An ocular inspection of the existing traffic flow show that aside from vehicle volume, other factors that contribute to traffic problems are the deteriorating physical upkeep of road network and signage, negative behavior and lack of discipline among drivers and motorists, and the non-enforcement of traffic rules.

This program was designed to provide the needed advisory service to plan and decide for alternative improvement measures through a proposed elevated diversion highway above the Balili River deemed to lessen the volume of vehicles plying the Baguio-La Trinidad-Bontoc Road.

Other than the needs-assessment, there are two other projects involved in the said program. The first one dealt with the evaluation of the existing traffic conditions along Baguio-La Trinidad-Bontoc Road, which was done with the competent assistance of our creative and socially involved civil engineering students. On the basis of this project, the following recommendations were made: first, traffic enforcers must be properly distributed to prevent congestion in intersections like the ones found in Km. 4; second, highly visible signages should be placed along strategic places to be seen by drivers; third, pedestrian lanes should be repainted to avoid accidents; and lastly, a geometric improvement and appropriate traffic rules should be introduced within the vicinity of Km. 6.