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Improving service delivery system at Baguio Health Services

The Baguio Health Services (BHS), formerly Baguio Health Department, has been the subject of the Department of Industrial Engineering (IE) extension program where Total Quality Management (TQM) principles and strategies have been applied in order to improve customer satisfaction. The extension program was divided into four projects, which formally started in December 2011 and ended up in April 2014.

The overall goal of the program is to educate the Baguio Health Services (BHS) employees relative to the different ways to improve the quality of their service. Among the suggestions made by the faculty have something to do with the layouting of the different laboratories in the BHS and workflow of the concerned laboratory personnel. Some of the proposed layout incorporates new facilities such as ergonomically designed high-chair, cabinets, X-ray gowns and dressing rooms. “Five S” (Sort, Systematize, Shine, Standardize and Self-Discipline) methodology was also suggested, which was highly agreed upon to be adopted and implemented by the BHS personnel.

Implemented by: SEA-Industrial Engineering Faculty and Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineering Student Chapter