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Enhancing the teaching strategies of Math teachers at Pines City National High School, Baguio City

Based on the needs-assessment conducted, the students of Pines City National High School say:

a. Mathematics is difficult.
           b. Mathematics is boring.
           c. Mathematics is useless.
           d. Mathematics is too abstract.
           e. There are too many formulas.
           f. There are too many uninspiring exercises.

The major objective of every Mathematics educator then is on how to answer the following:

1. How to change the inaccurate perspectives?
           2. How to make teaching and learning mathematics enjoyable?
           3. How to arouse the interest of teachers and students?
           4. How to increase the confidence of teachers and students in doing mathematics?

A series of lectures was delivered on May 30-31, 2012 at PCNHS by the faculty of the Department of Mathematics. The lectures presented different methods and strategies in teaching Mathematics. A seminar/workshop on the Use of GeoGebra in teaching mathematics was conducted on January 26, 2013 at PCHNS Dominican-Mirador Annex. Geogebra is a dynamic mathematics software that combines geometry, algebra and calculus. It was developed for learning and teaching Mathematics in schools by Markus Hohenwarter and an international team of programmers. It can be used as a visual aid, presentation tool, and a virtual manipulative. PCNHS Math teachers became knowledgeable in using GeoGebra and were able to create sample quizzes in geometry and trigonometry during the seminar/workshop.

A series of seminar/workshop on action research, mathematical investigations, and modular approach was conducted on May 30-31, 2013 at PCNHS. After a series of lectures, the PCNHS Math teachers were asked to create and present their own action research proposals, mathematical investigations and modules. The outputs were critiqued by the SLU Mathematics faculty for improvement.

Implemented by: SCIS Mathematics Faculty