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Enhancing the support program for the OFW children at Pines City National High School

This program intends to implement a sustainable purposive school-based psychological service that will address the inadequate number of guidance counselors and support activities at the Pines City National High School to be done during homeroom classes. A capacity-building project will be implemented for the Values Education teachers and class advisers to acquire basic helping skills. A separate project by which they will be trained on how to design activities for OFW children during homeroom classes will also be conducted.

      Since this extension program is the first of its kind in the country, this program intends to conduct a study on the impact of school-based interventions for OFW children by utilizing homeroom classes. The modules that will be developed in the course of the implementation of the program are going to be used as additional resources in relevant psychology subjects.


SOH - Psychology Faculty       Psyche Society

Guidance Center Staff

Program Coordinator

Ms. Nicole Sabrina Nastassja G. Loy