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Enhancing BCNHS Math teachers’ problem-solving skills through graphic thinking and drawing

The Faculty of Technical Drawing, who handle Engineering Drawing and Solid Mensuration subjects in the School of Engineering and Architecture, have observed that over the past few years, first year college students particularly in the Engineering program are increasingly becoming deficient in terms of visualization or graphic thinking capabilities, especially when solving abstract mathematical problems. Hence, high school geometry teachers at the Baguio City National High School (BCNHS), which is one of the University’s feeder schools, were invited to participate in an extension program.

The overall goal of the program is to promote and revitalize the importance of graphic thinking and practical drawing skills as an aid to mathematical problem-solving for geometry high school teachers. On the basis of their feedback, high school geometry teachers have realized that visualization or graphic thinking is an important technique in problem- solving. They were also very vocal in saying that their graphic thinking skills and problem-solving capabilities using graphical solutions had greatly improved.

As part of the strategy to sustain the program, the technique will also be taught to their students since it is not in conflict with the spiral-progression framework introduced in the K to 12 basic education program.

Implemented by: SEA-Technical Drawing Faculty