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Empowering the parents of children with special learning needs with the basic intervention skills at Bahong, La Trinidad, Benguet

This program is designed to positively change the attitude of parents towards their children with special learning needs. The program will make them realize that even children with disabilities have the right to education. Furthermore, the program will increase their understanding of their children’s disability and will equip them with the necessary skills to implement home-based teaching-learning activities.

The program will also provide opportunities for the faculty to share their expertise along the area of special education. Tried and tested methods for home-based instructions will therefore be utilized. Direct observations will also be conducted on how the parents of children with disability will implement learned skills at home. Standardized rubrics used in special education institutions will be used to assess the performance and improvements of both parents and their children with disability.

A research output employing qualitative analysis on the lived experiences and insights of the parents of children with disability after its implementation will be submitted to a relevant research journal.


STE - Professional Education (SpEd) Faculty

SpEd Club

Program Coordinator

Mr. Bryan V. Catama