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Designing community fire-related disaster management plan for the residents of Brgy. Holy Ghost, Baguio City

        The overall goal of this program is to provide an effective barangay-based fire disaster management plan and to make the barangay constituents well prepared for any fire-related disaster that might happen.

The physical features of the barangay were carefully studied and presented to the residents. The said report also served as the basis for an alternative fire suppression plan and the identification of possible evacuation and fire truck access routes by the Architecture faculty. Potential faulty electrical wirings and connections, which may put the barangay at risks were also identified by the Electrical Engineering faculty. In addition, massive information drive through distribution of flyers for safety tips was conducted with the help of barangay officials.

The program will be sustained by the twenty four-volunteer members of the newly-formed Barangay Fire Brigade. Through this program, these volunteers gained their certificates of competency from the Bureau of Fire Protection based in Baguio. Such certification will make them possible members of fire protection agencies in the future.

Implemented by: SEA-Architecture and Electrical Engineering Faculty