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Assisting the Baguio City Government in its ‘Salaknib ti Waig’ project for Balili River rehabilitation

              This program intends to educate the residents in barangays DPS Compound, Marcoville, Engineer’s Hill, and Cabinet Hill (Baguio City). Government officials (City Environment and Parks Management Office and Environment Management Bureau-CAR) in the city and at the barangay level will also be guided on how they can complement one another in terms of resources and responsibilities in order to avoid duplication of efforts and to attain a common direction through relevant and effective policies.

           In order to sustain the program, the Barangay Environmental Protection Team (BEPT) for each of the partner barangays will also be formed, which will serve as the focal bodies that will plan and implement waste management programs.

This program can serve as a model for others involved in river protection and rehabilitation and the impact of which can be published in a relevant journal. The training modules that will be designed will also be utilized as additional learning resources for the students who are taking up courses related to ecology or environmental science.

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Program Coordinator

Ms. Jariet M. Siano