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Ad Intra Project Form

Mission is the reason for existence of the Saint Louis University, which may be directed ad-extra (outside) or ad-intra (inside). The various extension programs and outreach projects are some of the University’s ad-extra initiatives. However, an aspect of mission that has not yet been given adequate attention by the University is mission ad-intra. Other than those activities that foster a harmonious and fraternal community, mission ad-intra can also be expressed through formalized projects. Formalized ad-intra projects pertain to University-recognized undertakings, which are responsive to the pressing needs of the University employees and students or those that are supportive of the activities of the different University-affiliated foundations and centers working for the poor, the children, and the marginalized. Participation in these activities, however, should not in any way be prejudicial to one’s work in class or office.

In order to ensure the quality of these projects prior to their implementation and for purposes of accountability and transparency, a form must be filled out for the University Extension Council’s (UEC) evaluation and endorsement.

  Ad-Intra Project Proposal